• Genre :Action Thriller
  • Cast: Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan, Danny Denzongpa,  Pawan Malhotra, Jaaved Jaffrey, Jimmy Shergill, Deepti Naval,Kanwaljit Singh
  • Director: Siddharth Anand

True to its totally unimaginative title, Bang Bang makes a hell of lots of ear-splitting noise. By the tip of it all, it manages to provide no quite a croaking, barely palatable whimper.

The action hero at the centre of the film’s fatuous plot sporadically plunges off buildings, cliffs and bridges, besides sundry different launching pads, and nearly always emerges in one unscathed piece, not a strand of hair out of place. sadly, the film doesn’t.

Bang Bang may be a glibly mounted however maddeningly addled adventure story that doesn’t quite acumen to barter the spills that inevitably go with the territory.

Bang Bang Movie Review

The makers have clearly endowed a good deal of effort in mindless pyrotechnics. All alright.

If solely that they had devoted a fraction of that spotlight to the playscript, this overlong film would are infinitely less tedious.

The heroine makes a confession early within the half. I’ll ne’er grasp WHO you’re and what you are doing, she complains to the person WHO has virtually sweptback her off her feet.

Honestly, massive components of the audience area unit possible to seek out themselves in a very similar quandary.

Not that you just got to be an excellent whiz child to work out WHO this mysterious and unstoppable man of action is and what he’s making an attempt to realize.

A proud and superpatriotic Indian military intelligence man (Jimmy Shergill) is finished to death by a brutal gang lord (Danny Denzongpa) and his generously tattooed hired gun (Javed Jaffrey).

Bang Bang Movie Review 1

After the credits have rolled, the hero (Hrithik Roshan) makes his grand entry and goes hell for animal skin.

But he quickly loses his approach around as an exquisite hick city bank secretary WHO has ne’er been kissed crosses his path and gets involved in a very world conspiracy she cannot create head or tail of.

Bang Bang heads downhill from there on. It wilts below the load of a unwieldy playscript that creates lots of ground in geographical terms, moving from London and Prag to Shimla and Dehradun.

But the narrative goes obscurity. It gets stalled in a very string of confrontation and chase sequences involving the hero and also the wanderer missy on the one hand and also the duo’s pitiless pursuers on the opposite.

The protagonist filches the Kohinoor, no less. The act rattles a global family and India’s United States intelligence agency, that believes that the daring heist might endanger a planned surrender written agreement with the united kingdom.

The term “extradition treaty” is verbalized many times within the 0.5|half} of the film and people 2 area unit the sole meaning words you’ll hear for the duration of the 2 and a half hours that Bang Bang takes to induce where it’s making an attempt to induce.

Needless to mention, the hero is usually a step sooner than his adversaries and each time he appears to be at bay, he pulls out a crazy trick from his well-worn bag.

The action flick tropes that Bang Bang employs area unit thus clichéd that they ne’er take the audience all at once. everybody however the characters on the screen is aware of what’s coming back next – and once it will, it invariably falls well in need of expectations.

The climax is particularly tedious. It goes on forever and is just too flaky to form real impact

Hrithik’s buirdly presence cannot complete the unendurable lightness of the character that he’s known as upon to form some sense of.

He offers it his best shot, however at the simplest of times it’s a losing battle.

As for Katrina, she seems to be doing just about what she has done of these years – pout, preen and appearance pretty.

If Bang Bang may be a reliable enough pointer, it’s apparent that there’s very little bang left in her dwindling buck.

But do look out for temporary appearances by Deepti service and Kanwaljit Singh and a solid-as-ever performance from Pavan Malhotra as a slick agent WHO keeps going in the hero’s approach once the latter thinks he’s got things showing neatness bound up.

Bang Bang is strictly for Hrithik Roshan fans Associate in Nursingd for those who don’t wish an action flick to be something quite simply that.