Bollywood’s leading ladies have preserved a distinguished presence in the our country. On the other hands, there are still many designers who trust that their designs are sufficient to attract their target spectators.

With the still existing concept of designer lawn, many individuals miracle why lawn industrialists, such as Firdous Lawn and designer Faraz Manan’s Crescent Lawn determine for brand representatives from across the boundary.

Some of the important names in the lawn business in an challenge to explore why some of them preference Bollywood celebrities as their faces while others don’t.


Bollywood faces and lawn advertisements

If Firdous Lawn had Sonam Kapoor as the face of its battle two years ago, Manan’s Crescent Lawn selected for Karisma Kapoor in 2013. And this year, Crescent Lawn’s brand ambassador is the wife of Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Remember, this is not Kareena’s first designer lawn authorization. She was the face of Firdous Lawn for their designs of 2010-2011.

Firdous Lawn’s Director Omer Saleem describes why the brand had trusted on Indian faces in the past. He said “In the past, we have controlled with Bollywood faces, but from last two years we have not. Our team had made that choice in the past after detailed research to make sure that we get the anticipated results,”

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Manan segments that Crescent Lawn “relied on Indian faces with wide-ranging planning and had a solid marketing approach behind it. Thus, the brand has become a well-known name in the constituency.”

On the question of whether Pakistani models are superior or not for lawn authorizations, Manan says, “Pakistani models are absolutely well-intentioned options, but far less known as compared to Bollywood big names like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor.”

Saleem concurs with Manan’s statement. “Pakistani faces are not very familiar to everyone,” he acknowledges.

Manan feels that just like Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar has the right to act and be encouraged in Bollywood, there is no destruction in the local projection being responded for Indian names.

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With modeling still measured to be a national unmentionable, not many new local faces come up. For the industry to decoration, we need to create an permitting atmosphere that shadows globally recognized professional codes and practices, and cultivates fresh talent at every level,” says Saleem.

Safinaz Muneer of the brand Sana Safinaz trusts that the ‘endorsed’ and protection of its quality are more significant than the ‘endorser’. “It’s not the perfect model who sells the clothes. It is designs and their class that do.”

Sana Safinaz has never used a Bollywood face to sell the lawn. Muneer says, “We have never wanted a Bollywood face to sell our products. We are among the main designer lawn suppliers in Pakistan without using any one.”

Are foreign models selected as eye chocolate?

Saleem feels that more than anything else, it is the ‘foreign’ element that must not go unnoticed. “If the spectators responds to a foreign face, there is no reason to go against the flow. At the same time, using foreign talent in no way endorses that local talent is not good enough. One has to look at accessibilities to work according to demands of the customers.”

Enormous investment

Neither Saleem nor Manan are willing to share the sum of money that is capitalized in promotion the lawn. But Manan references that the figures are “enough to keep increasing our business and export of Pakistan.”

Given that there has been a marked reduction in the demand for lawn, how powerful a role of Indian faces play in supporting the trend remains to be seen. Manan is of the view that “if one sees a reduction in the demand for lawn, neither an Indian face nor a Pakistani face can rescue it. It’s the weather, product and design that will revitalize it.”