Dear Deepika Padukone, Why the Hypocrisy?: Daily’s Reply on Cleavage Row Actress Deepika Padukone posted her final term on the ‘cleavage row’ on Facebook last week, writing ‘for me, the topic finishes here’ in a piece titled ‘My Point of View.’ Her opponent, however, is reluctant to let things rest.

The leading daily that Deepika has shaped off against has published a second post in its own defense accusing the actress of ‘hypocrisy.’

Dear Deepika Padukone, Why the Hypocrisy?: Daily's Response on Cleavage Row

In her Facebook post, Deepika stressed on the importance of separating associate degree actor’s on-screen activities from his or her off-screen life – the lines between reel and real square measure typically blurred, she wrote. To this, the daily responds: “Deepika, we tend to settle for your reel vs real argument, however what regarding all the days, and there are several, after you have flaunted your body off screen – whereas diversion on stage, soliciting for magazine covers, or doing ikon Ops at moving picture promotional functions? What ‘role’ does one play there? thus why the hypocrisy? what is equally insincere is that many media shops have freely displayed Deepika’s cleavage while they measured all angry on her behalf. certainly they may have reportable the story while not those pictures? affirmative, the headline might are higher. however the globe of on-line is extremely totally different from that of newspapers. it’s chaotic and untidy – and sensational headlines square measure off from uncommon.”

The headline that caused this tumult read: ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage display.’ (Also Read –Deepika Padukone Should Consider it a Compliment: ‘Defence’ of Cleavage Tweet )

Will film stars act as unauthorised censors now?, asks the daily, writing: “We have continuously campaigned against the ethical police. we tend to believe there is no shame in Deepika showing off her body, however will she currently need United States of America to initial sit down with her on that photos of her – taken at public events – we are able to or cannot publish? square measure we tend to planning to have a parallel censor board for photos of film stars started screen however in plain sight of the globe, as Deepika’s was? it isn’t as if the photographs were shot with hidden cameras, or that somebody sneaked into her home, invaded her privacy, and took those photos while not her knowledge/permission.”

The daily defends themselves in very graphic terms against Deepika’s purpose of male celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan not being subjected to intrusive photography within the manner that feminine celebrities square measure.

Deepika Padukone height

Deepika Padukone height

The daily conjointly accuses Deepika of seeking publicity: “You’ve conjointly written, ”Everyone is entitled to associate degree opinion. I actually have very little interest to require this more because it would possibly get a lot of attention than it deserves and may well be more misconstrued and twisted to sell a lot of unmerited headlines.” Despite having created your purpose on Twitter, you’ve got chosen to re-tweet each message and given as several interviews as you may. This has clearly been nice promotional material for you, regular absolutely with the discharge of your new film. The video’s been on YouTube for a year, why object now?”

To more illustrate their purpose regarding Deepika’s ‘hypocrisy,’ the daily ends its article with photos of Deepika carrying a series of showing outfits on numerous magazine covers and photoshoots.

The 2-week long face-off between the actor and also the daily began two Sundays past once the daily tweeted a set of archive photos of the actor in the midst of the afore-mentioned headline. associate degree umbrageous Deepika responded furiously on Twitter with – ‘YES!I am a girl.I have breasts AND a cleavage! you bought a problem!!??’

Battle lines were like a shot drawn, with several of Deepika’s colleagues and friends dashing to her defence. Actor Shah Rukh Khan, her co-star of the many films, told the press that he did not have the ‘guts’ to try and do what Deepika had done however stood firmly by her.

‘Dear Deepika’ is currently trending on Twitter. whereas Bollywood has been slow to retort to the newest exchange between the actor and also the daily, VJ and television temperament Gaurav Kapur tweeted:

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