Actress Deepika Padukone’s very communal dressing down of a ‘news’ report that advised the nation at large to have a good look at her cleavage has been replied by a defensive tweet from the daily that approved the aggressive photograph of the india new movies Finding Fanny star.
After Deepika Padukone e-lashed out at a photo of herself captioned ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show,’ the foremost daily has advised her to consider it a commendation.

Deepika Padukone Should Consider it a Compliment


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Deepika’s film Finding Fanny is now screening in playhouses and has been affectionately welcomed by movie-goers and detractors alike. She will next appear with Shah Rukh Khan in the Farah Khan directed Happy New Year.

Deepika Padukone Should Consider it a Compliment 1

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