History Of Abaya 4History Of Abaya – If you were seen as a plain black suit worn by the women in the Muslim community to their regular clothes that is called Abaya. Not only women who should belong to this community, but also other women with this outfit in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This can be considered a long-sleeved dress dress be explained and is known by various names such as the burqa and chador South Asia in the country of Iran.

The History Of Abaya is so old. This suit covers the user, except for the hands, feet and face throughout the body. Also, some women dress in a way that even the face covered except for the eyes. The origins of this suit remains vague. Some people are of the opinion that it. Around 4,000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia If the Community of Islam in the seventh century brought this action is known to have been introduced. In ancient times, in the Stone Age women wore dresses that are open and that only the hip area with bamboo and other materials will be covered.

When Islam came, women might have been invited to completely cover your body so that they are protected from disrespect, and people say that this is the origin of the abaya. Even in the old days, women wore veils cover on the back and after the introduction of Islamic culture, the veil was used to cover the front of the body as well and this is also the origin of the Abaya. There are professional online stores, the fashion Abaya and women can be just to visit these pages and can be seen with them the various collections.