Handbags 4Handbags – Once you have purchased a designer handbag, you will want to use it, want to show people, and you also want to enjoy as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some bags can be prevented, others do not. Either way, there are some things you can do to prolong the life of the beautiful designer handbag.

First, in order to avoid damage. Place the bag where it is likely to come into contact with water If you carry bottles of liquid with you, make sure that the container does not leak. If you carry pens with them, make sure that the ink does not escape, and so on. Just be reasonable. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, and keep your pocket damage. If and when this happens, the right treatment applies. Is made ​​How to maintain to take your bag on the material of the bags hanging. Normally, the proper care of the Handbags is necessary.

If your bag is made of leather finish, remove dust and dirt with warm water and a little vinegar. Ink and other stains, with a rubber white, but be careful not rub too vigorously. Vigorous rubbing is better not to remove stains, but can damage the surface. If none of these methods help, go to a professional. Alcohol or saddle soap, use under any circumstances. Both damage the skin. Unfinished leather is harder to maintain, because you cannot use water on it without staining the surface. You can use the white eraser. Also, do not rub it will not help in any way.

Women, meanwhile, began to use larger and larger Handbags of their belongings, clothes do not contain pockets. At the same time, the industrial revolution and the development of several vehicles for traveling, the need for increased luggage for women than for men. It is believed that the first set of bags was by HJ Cave London, England, when a client asked Mr. Parkinson, a number of cases, traveling trunks and be made for his wife created. These should be sturdy enough to hold the trip, but light enough to wear for a woman. Cave HJ bound and the first bag, clutch and hand created.