The internet has been distributed into two warring tribes by a picture of a dress effective as an accidental colour perception research.

There is a debate distributing the Internet that’s excruciating apart offices, friendships and marriages alike. It is…

What color is this dress? 

Ladies and gentlemen, Some see the dress as blue and black. Others see white and gold.

And the two sides cannot agree.

The debate began on Tumblr Thursday when a user named Spiked posted the image of the dress, above, along with a request: “Guys please help me — is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends cannot agree and we are freaking the out.”

White And Gold Dress

White And Gold

The image immediately caused disagreement: “My class just had a debate over this. Half sees black and blue, the other half sees gold and white. Someone please clarify this…”

“If that is not gold my entire life has been a lie,” replied Spiked.

The image spread like wildfire and, from Facebook to Twitter to media sites, everyone is mystified. A Buzzed survey says 74 % say white and gold, while the other 26 % saw blue and black.

This writer saw gold and white, until I seen this image, below, which, some think is the actual dress in query, from a UK retailer. The dress, on the website, is blue and black. And once I saying this image, the original image changed to blue and black and I can no extended see the dress as white and gold. Try it — does it work for you?

Blue And Black Dress

Is This Dress Blue And Black