Arabic Mehndi Design for HandsArabic Mehndi Design – Arabic Mehndi designs or color the hands and feet with henna paste is a popular trend in Pakistan and Saudi and Indian lands. It is a must for Muslim marriages as the preparation of the bride with some friendly Mehndi designs. It will be held as a festival, and that’s one of the functions that will bring humor and warmth into the home of the brides. In Western countries, women do make-up and designer clothes designed modern wedding dresses. The Asian bride wearing traditional clothes, costumes and makeup Mehndi on hands and feet.

Arabic Mehndi Design Photos

This art of Arabic Mehndi designs easy makes use of large floral motifs, simple building is largely used by women, usually on the feet or hands. The splendor and beauty of the designs would, to the skill and ability of the henna will differ applied in the field, so if you are looking for decent designs, make sure you seek plenty of experience and skill in the application of henna.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

This design is not suitable for brides or primary function. But it is very easy and popular as everyday designs. Arabic Mehndi designs and Arabic Mehndi designs Facebook have many variations and colors.