Mehndi Designs for Hands Images 23Mehndi Designs for Hands Images – Mehndi is something that simply loves the girl! It is almost impossible to imagine an Indian wedding without hands and feet Mehndi designs. Mehndi loved not only for its beauty, but it is an important part of the whole ritual is believed to bring good luck.

Mehndi in India comes from the Mehndi plant. The stems and leaves of the plant and dry powder based. This powder is filled with water to form a thick paste and then in an applicator in a conical shape. The sharp end of the applicator is used to draw designs on the hands. Usually in India the traditional Mehndi Designs for hands is used, but nowadays, you can also Mehndi can be used red and black Mehndi. Black is very popular for hands or feet in Arabic Mehndi Designs and is now used to show for his prominent the boundaries of design.

This is a very simple yet feminine design that will look great at every opportunity and in the hands of the bride. The black Mehndi Designs for hands makes the most prominent and beautiful design. With black Mehndi makes a more prominent design. The design also includes very little congestion of designs and patterns. The patterns are unique, in particular the patterns on the fingers are unique. The design will suit everyone and will also be for the brides. There are lots of Mehndi Designs for hands images are here:

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