Most Beautiful Eyes with Tears Wallpapers – Tears are words that the heart expresses its feelings. Each drop of a tear is more costly than anything in the world. But strangely, no one knows its value until they have it in their own eyes. Because they say that if a person can smile and laugh as you can never imagine, then, to ensure that the person grieve stronger than you ever imagined. The fact that someones eyes do not show tears, does not mean your heart don’t cry and hurt. You do get hurt, but they know how deep their feelings in their hearts, so that others are not violated. But always remember that it is dangerous to mourn, mourn inwardly as open. The open plan easy to clean, but secret tears create internal scarring.

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Cracking or tearing, (from Latin lacrima, meaning ” tear ” ) is the flow of tears that are often used to clean in response to eye irritation and lubricate the eyes. Tears is connected of wines with strong inner feelings such as sadness, joy, fear, or joy. Laughing or yawning may also result in the production of tears.