Movie Review: Finding Fanny

Star cast: Naseerudin Shah, Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Kapur, Dimple Kapadia,  Arjun Kapoor

Director : Homi Adajania

‘Finding Fanny‘ is intentional sort of a serio-comic journey, that includes a wooly romantic, a lusty painter, a old matron, a lissom maiden, and a sulky young fellow. it’s associate unlikely bunch, obtaining along for associate unlikely reason, and within the means of this sort of film, we tend to square measure presupposed to fall dotty with the characters and their quirks,as they wind their means towards their destination and discovery.

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Trouble is, the film is patchily unconventional. associate undelivered personal letter comes back to the sender, over four decades once the actual fact, and it sets into motion this tiny tale, that leaves you each smiling, once the whimsy is simply right, and impatient, once it turns categorically prosaic. (You wish to envision however it’s done, watch Wes Anderson’s latest and most luxurious creation, ‘The Grand Hungarian capital Hotel’).

When the going is nice, it’s glorious. the tiny Goan village wherever the action takes place is gorgeous, its sun-dappled ways leading U.S.A. to the untidy abodes of Ferdie (Naseer) the letter carrier, the recipient of the undelivered letter, of Rosie and Angie (Dimple and Deepika respectively), the 2 girls United Nations agency live while not their men in resigned society, and also the garage go by Savio (Arjun Kapoor) that homes a run-down automobile.

The characters go away to seek out long-lost love: the journey isn’t too long because the crow flies, however several home truths square measure uncovered because the miles blow over. i actually enjoyed Naseer’s performance during this one: he’s as unmannered and unburdened by tics as he are often, and as bashful as a young lover within the initial flush.

Movie review: Finding Fanny is witty and wicked

Finding Fanny


Movie review: Finding Fanny is witty and wicked 1

I’d choose Arjun Kapoor as a near-match. Arjun Kapoor has the correct animalism for his role, and he makes the simplest of Savio, United Nations agency once and forever loves the mark Angie, who , in turn, turns to him for a few answers: Deepika is aiming to be a relaxed entertainer, learning to place aside her rangy beauty to succeed in within for one thing true.

Dimple Kapadia shows simply however sharp she will be, particularly during a sequence towards the top wherever she fills the screen, however is encumbered  by a discontent curve to the mouth associated an plain heavily-padded posterior: affirmative, there square measure all types of fannies within the world. As Don Pedro, the flamboyant painter with a factor for outsized bottoms, Pankaj Kapoor is generally overdone flourish, rescuing his act with one nice one, that is that the gasp-inducing shocker of the film.

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