Mireia Lalaguna Royo, a 23-year-old proficient model from Barcelona, wins the beauty pageant in Sanya, China. Miss England failed to brand the top 20.
Northern Ireland and Scotland made the Top Ten, while England didn’t even make the Top 20.Miss Spain won the famous beauty pagent, and England didn’t even grow a look in.

There was also disagreement – Miss Canada was banned by China for speaking up about human rights abuses, and this was gracefully left out of the show.

Instead, the beauty queen was silently removed from the Miss World website and not mentioned in the show.

It was a thrilling show, catch up with what happened here.

Miss World 2015 1


  • 1st place – Spain
  • 2nd place – Russia
  • 3rd place – Indonesia

Mireia Lalaguna, 23-year-old Spanish Model won afterward winning Top Model and giving an impressive speech in which she said “Just because I am beautiful on the exterior does not mean I am not beautiful on the inside, too.”

The moment she won:

She’s from Barcelona and is very energetic on Instagram.

Miss Spain has a degree in Pharmacology and needs to do a MA in Nutrition.

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Miss World 2015 miss world 2015 winner 1 Miss World 2015
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Miss World 2015 Miss World 2015 Miss World 2015: Spain wins and England doesn’t make the Top 20

Mireia Lalaguna

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Top 5 List..

1-Miss Spain

Miss Spain said:

“Just because I am beautiful on the external does not mean I am not beautiful on the inside

“I think I should be the next Miss World because I believe in strong women, I also think I have rather inside my heart that I always try to give the best of me. I also trust in Beauty With A Purpose and want to continue its bequest.

“We can find contentment in helping each other”.

2-Miss Russia

Miss Russia said: “I think that the main idea of the pageant is Beauty With A Purpose. I want to reach my internal world and show my life and contentment with all people. It’s a huge honor for me if I will have the chance to do this with the big Miss World family.”

3-Miss Indonesia

Miss Indonesia said: “I’ve always been truly enthused by BWAP because it means having the heart to share and always attainment out to the community. I want to reach out to people and share all that we have with people around us.

“We are so much more than us. We are fearfully and delightfully made not just to exist in this world but to make a difference”

4-Miss Lebanon

“I think that modesty and love and tranquility is what the world needs more these years. Miss world should have these experiences in order to feast them all around the world. I promise to use all the vigor inside me to attraction smiles on other faces.”

5-Miss Jamaica

Could we have our first dreadlocked winner?!

She is the first Miss Jamacia with Rastafarian roots. Her parents are Rastafarian, and seemingly her win caused disagreement in the country.

She said: “I am so grateful. My story is one of a little girl whose life was distorted with charity and love and I want to give that back to others.”