Canadian FlagThe Canadian Flag Facts, History & Pictures – The current Canadian flag has only two colors, red and white. These were the appointed by King George V in 1921, and have official colors. The flag has vertical stripes on the left and right sides and cover about a quarter of the flag. The center is white and has a point eleven stylized maple leaf. Canadian Flag calls this the ” Maple Leaf flag. ” This is the only flag to many Canadians who were born after 1964, have known in its life.

Canadian Flag Facts

In 1964 the Canadian government decided to adopt a new and distinctive national flag. This effort looks like the impossible dream. Canadians were divided on ethnic and demographic lines.

Canadian Flag History

English Canadians born before the First World War wanted the flag to keep a visible symbol of the British heritage of Canada. One-third of Canadians neither French or British values ​​and want a flag that is uniquely Canadian. Young Canadians who were born after the Second World War, was probably want to choose something new and different.

The design of the red- white flag was unanimously approved in October 1964. On 22 October 1964 , the Canadian Parliament passed the flag.